QON #51: Po-PuPs
8/8/2001 11:01:46 AM CDT
Just EIectric:     " I wanna be your lover
Just EIectric:     and your mother
Caracara13:     AND UR GRANDMA
Just EIectric:     and your sister, too! "
Caracara13:     AND UR UNCLE
Anim0rph2:     POPUPS ARE HELL
Just EIectric:     O_o?
Caracara13:     Po-PuPs.
Just EIectric:     Asha is apparently in a very good mood right now
Just EIectric:     e_e;
Anim0rph2:     Lmao.

QON #52: Pa™y bum.
8/8/2001 11:04:20 AM CDT
Caracara13:     How do you do the alt code tm thing?
Anim0rph2:     0153
Anim0rph2:     ™
Caracara13:     PA™ y bump lease.
Caracara13:     o_O;
Anim0rph2:     o_o;
Caracara13:     e_e
Just EIectric:     o_o;
Anim0rph2:     I just screamed 'Giant Jiggling Booba'.
Just EIectric:     That, like, should be a QON.
Anim0rph2:     *Boobs
Caracara13:     Booba.
Anim0rph2:     And mom is awake in the next room.. so yeah.
Just EIectric:     O_o;
Just EIectric:     Pat, you put your own house on the map..
Just EIectric:     Are you going to stalk yourself?
Anim0rph2:     Of course I am.
Anim0rph2:     e_e
Anim0rph2:     John..
Anim0rph2:     Isn't It obvious?
Caracara13:     "I jump on you, you jump on me."
Anim0rph2:     I'm stalking Onyx.
Anim0rph2:     O_O
Caracara13:     o_o
Just EIectric:     o i c
Just EIectric:     o_o;

QON #53: Mmmm, very creamy.
8/11/2001 5:34:13 PM CDT
Mujer88291:     ;:O_O;; My mom is watching two lesbians having graphic and detailed sex...on TV.
Mujer88291:     <Monica> Hey Mom. Where are the Mr. Goodbars?
Mujer88291:     <Mom> Look at those headlights!
Mujer88291:     <Monica> WHAT?
Mujer88291:     <Mom> ::notices Monica for the first time and switches to Barney::
Mujer88291:     <Mom> ::after Monica leaves, turns back::
Mujer88291:     <Mom> Mmmm, very creamy.

QON #54: O, ur so craxy.
8/11/2001 6:59:32 PM CDT
I climb the walls of my mind just like I'm climbing on a jungle gym. I am more content with the state of mind I am in 'cause I am crazy just like you. I am crazy just like you. I don't think I need a rubber room, but hey, that might be nice. I'm not a manic depressive, paranoid, or schizophrenic so I don't need your advice. I am crazy just like you. I am crazy just like you. The lights are on but nobody's home, my elevator doesn't go to the top. I'm not playing with a full deck, I've lost my marbles. The lights are on but nobody's home, my elevator doesn't go to the top. I'm not playing with a full deck, I've lost my marbles. I'm a few bricks short of a load, but a full load always hurt my back. I flew over the cuckoo's nest, and I'm never ever coming back. I am crazy just like you. I am crazy just like you. I am crazy...
-Full lyrics of Crazy, by Barenaked Ladies

QON #55: Psybat's profile.
8/13/2001 12:43:53 AM CDT
InsaneRemnant is a bonehead. He just signed offline, the boner! InsaneRemnant:     I AM ONE HORNY BASTID! OHH YAAAHHH:-P

QON #56: Screenshot.
8/8/2001 11:04:20 AM CDT
This QON is an image. Click here.

QON #57: Vaginal Fortitude
8/19/2001 4:24:32 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     Vgmaster1001 has entered the room.
Anim0rph2:     mkdsj and now i cint sjdf.
Anim0rph2:     No, die.
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .e_e
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Anim0rph2:     .
Vgmaster1001:     every body go to chat room called all rpgs if you have the balls
Anim0rph2:     What if we are female?
Vgmaster1001:     then have the vaginal fortitude
Anim0rph2:     What is we think you're an idiot?
Anim0rph2:     Er.. *if
Vgmaster1001:     you dont you think im cute
Anim0rph2:     No. I don't.
Vgmaster1001:     yes you do
Anim0rph2:     No, I think you are an penis.
Anim0rph2:     Yu can leave, now.
Anim0rph2:     E_E *You
Vgmaster1001:     no i cant
OnlineHost:     Vgmaster1001 has left the room.
Anim0rph2:     Try clicking the x in the up- o_O

QON #58: He Enters
8/20/2001 2:37:17 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     DarkMageWarrior has entered the room.
DarkMageWarrior:     ::He enters::
Anim0rph2:     Who did you enter?
DarkMageWarrior:     Me.
DarkMageWarrior:     ::He walks around for a bit::
Anim0rph2:     You etered yourself? O_O;;
Anim0rph2:     I wouldn't think you'd be able to walk after doing that.
DarkMageWarrior:     I entered the rp
Anim0rph2:     *entered
Pointlessosity:     O_O...XD!
Anim0rph2:     You must be very flexible.
Anim0rph2:     Brb.
DarkMageWarrior:     ::Sits down on the ground::
OnlineHost:     DarkMageWarrior has left the room.
MechanicaI Bird:     lmao..
Anim0rph2:     O_o;;
Anim0rph2:     YEs.
Anim0rph2:     I wouldn't think he could sit down, wither.
Anim0rph2:     *either

QON #59: >83
8/21/2001 5:42:40 PM CDT
Caracara13:     Nice ass, Birdyl.

QON #60: Hahahaha.
8/23/2001 12:36:45 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     Boardbreaker55 has entered the room.
Boardbreaker55:     hahahaha
An insane cat:     hahahaha, my ass.
An insane cat:     {S con/con
OnlineHost:     Boardbreaker55 has left the room.
An insane cat:     x_o

QON #61: Bubble Nuts
8/23/2001 12:29:28 PM CDT
Because of HTML problems, this QON is in an image.. click here.

Quote of Now #62: U Fuching Kweer
8/24/2001 1:37:03 PM CDT
John154773:     HAY
Anim0rph2:     No.
John154773:     WUT
Anim0rph2:     o_o
John154773:     WIL U?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Anim0rph2:     Sure,s ure.
John154773:     MAN U R LIEING
Anim0rph2:     o_o
Anim0rph2:     Oh, baby.
Anim0rph2:     I'm getting hot.. uhh..
John154773:     EW U FAQ
John154773:     U FUCHING KWEER
John154773:     I HOP U DI
Anim0rph2:     He secretly loves you.
John154773:     EW EW EW EW
Anim0rph2:     We wants your anus.
Anim0rph2:     BAD
John154773 not signed on, or whatever.

Quote of Now #63: My friend is Mr. Happy.
8/25/2001 6:20:47 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     Cheetha89 has entered the room.
Anim0rph2:     You're back.
Cheetha89:     anyone wanto play an on-line game
Cheetha89:     hi Jake
Cheetha89:     lol
Anim0rph2:     o_O
Cheetha89:     whos your friend
Caracara13:     mr. happy
Cheetha89:     seya
OnlineHost:     Cheetha89 has left the room.

Quote of Now #64: omg where r my cloths
8/25/2001 6:50:35 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     Vgmaster1001 has entered the room.
Vgmaster1001:     []kills everyone[]
Anim0rph2:     Haha.
Anim0rph2:     What an idiot.
Anim0rph2:     Say hi to the Quote of Now mailing list.
Vgmaster1001:     []and pisses on their grave[]
Anim0rph2:     Wonderful.
Caracara13:     sry u cant kill me im imortle
Anim0rph2:     o_o
Vgmaster1001:     []locks cara cara in a small box[]
Caracara13:     *teliports out*
Anim0rph2:     Cara cara.
Anim0rph2:     O_O!
Vgmaster1001:     []puts cara cara back in the box[]
Caracara13:     *teliports ot again this time naked*
Vgmaster1001:     a/s/l
Caracara13:     omg where r my cloths
Vgmaster1001:     just curios
Vgmaster1001:     17/m/cali
Anim0rph2:     No.
Anim0rph2:     You're 17 and can't spell curious?
Vgmaster1001:     shut up
Anim0rph2:     I'm not talking, I'm typing.
Vgmaster1001:     []smacks ani like a ho[]
Anim0rph2:     I'm OOC, bumbling idiot.
Vgmaster1001:     []smacks ani again[]
Anim0rph2:     ...
Anim0rph2:     I'm not role playing, stupid.
Vgmaster1001:     why not
Anim0rph2:     Geez, you are an idiot.
Vgmaster1001:     your the idiot
Anim0rph2:     *you're
Vgmaster1001:     quit correcting me
Anim0rph2:     Quit spelling like a five-year-old.
OnlineHost:     Vgmaster1001 has left the room.
Anim0rph2:     Ha ha ha.
Caracara13:     :: laughs ::

Quote of Now #65: How Flimpy.
8/25/2001 7:27:34 PM CDT
Pointlessosity:     Jiiibbbbeerrriiiisshh..
Pointlessosity:     Kaete. We sex now.do naughty stuff, now.
Hollow XIII:     Sound good to me.
Hollow XIII:     ::Sex. Naughty thing. Flimpy.::
Pointlessosity:     :.:Flimpied. Porn star moan.:.:

Quote of Now #66: Don't like it to freaking bad.
8/25/2001 7:28:38 PM CDT
OnlineHost:     SkitzoVanity has entered the room.
Just EIectric:     hey
Just EIectric:     i saw this movie the other day
Just EIectric:     very low budget sok em rok em action flick
Just EIectric:     with daniel baldwin
Just EIectric:     x_x;
Anim0rph2:     My first impression of that SN is not good.
Just EIectric:     and in it
Just EIectric:     there was this grafitti ona wall
SkitzoVanity:     Of what s/n?
Just EIectric:     that said ":kill a cop"
Just EIectric:     and immediatly i thought of kaete
Anim0rph2:     Your SN.
SkitzoVanity:     My s/n?
SkitzoVanity:     Thats great.
Anim0rph2:     I'm not talking to anyone else, am I?
SkitzoVanity:     It doesn't matter to me.
Anim0rph2:     Wonderful.
Anim0rph2:     I only said it because I'm sitting here waiting for The Sims to finish loading.
SkitzoVanity:     Uh huh......
Just EIectric:     {s aux/aux
Anim0rph2:     ...
SkitzoVanity:     ....Anyways.
Sport a gun:     Sport a gun. Kill a cop. While sexing a PuP.
Anim0rph2:     There's no reason to ever use more than three periods.
Pointlessosity:     I dig that!
Sport a gun:     Whoo..!
SkitzoVanity:     ..........
SkitzoVanity:     .............
SkitzoVanity:     Don't like it to freaking bad.
Sport a gun:     too*
Pointlessosity:     it,*
Sport a gun:     If you*
Anim0rph2:     Haha.
Pointlessosity:     fucking*
Sport a gun:     And you forgot to add..
Sport a gun:     I'm a moron, so please shoot me.*
Pointlessosity:     "I'm about to be leaving, now. Bye."
Sport a gun:     And that, also.
Pointlessosity:     Wait.. wait.. I think I like Kaete's better.
Anim0rph2:     It's time to Ctrl + Alt + Delete The Sims.
Just EIectric:     and you also forgot..
Pointlessosity:     "My dog is humping my leg, and I'm enjoying it."
Just EIectric:     "I'm actually David Duchovny's grandma's cousin's uncle-in-law twice removed."
OnlineHost:     SkitzoVanity has left the room.
Sport a gun:     Haha.
Pointlessosity:     Hah.
Just EIectric:     Hargu.
Pointlessosity:     We are so mean.
Sport a gun:     Yes, we are.

Quote of Now #67: THE CHANGE!
8/26/2001 1:22:40 PM CDT
Mujer88291:     ::noticed the change::
Pointlessosity:     What change?
Mujer88291:     ...You know...
Emarie123:     ::runs after Obscurities with a pitchfork and a mob of vil;lagers with torches behind her::
Mujer88291:     THE change.
Mujer88291:     The CHANGE!
Pointlessosity:     o_O.. Monica, you're starting to scare me.

Quote of Now #68: Explode!
8/26/2001 5:07:41 PM CDT
Mujer88291:     <Rose> I'm Sister Rose.
Mujer88291:     <Blanche> ::holding a pile of lingerie:: I'm Sister Blanche.
Anim0rph2:     I might need to get offline.
Anim0rph2:     o_O;
Mujer88291:     <Rose> We're collecting lingerie, for needy sexy people.
Anim0rph2:     o_O;
Mujer88291:     <Rose> We must learn to co-exist.
Mujer88291:     <Rose> Back where I come from the animals do.
Mujer88291:     <Rose> That's why the bear and the field mouse can play together.
Anim0rph2:     O_O
Mujer88291:     <Rose> Of course they can't mate, or the mice would explode.
Anim0rph2:     Lmao.
Caracara13:     O_O

Quote of Now #69: O_O! #69!
8/29/2001 4:24:39 PM CDT
OnlineHost:     Pointlessosity has entered the room.
Anim0rph2:     Anim0rph2: A CuP of PuP.
Pointlessosity:     Also available in Gallon sized.
Anim0rph2:     o_O
Pointlessosity:     'Cause a CuP of PuP is never enough.
Anim0rph2:     Lmao.

Quote of Now #70: Rape the lost child.
8/29/2001 4:58:09 PM CDT
OnlineHost:     LilLostChild has entered the room.
LilLostChild:     :: runs in with a cabbit on her head :: HI! ^_^
Sekushii Henteko:     Oh no it's a little lost child!
Sekushii Henteko:     let's rape it!
Crash8658:     Oh, god.
LilLostChild:     is that bad?
Crash8658:     WEEE! Raping lost children!
OnlineHost:     LilLostChild has left the room.
Anim0rph2:     HURR.
Crash8658:     ;D

9/10/2001 7:10:25 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     BIONICLEBOY6689 has entered the room.
BIONICLEBOY6689:     ::enters as a lizard::
BIONICLEBOY6689:     :;turns into a meber of DBZ:;
BIONICLEBOY6689:     ::charges up::
Anim0rph2:     Meber..
Anim0rph2:     I wonder what a 'spiriti bomb' is.
Anim0rph2:     What an idiot.
Anim0rph2:     We're still here.
BIONICLEBOY6689:     *spirit
BIONICLEBOY6689:     oops wrong chat
BIONICLEBOY6689:     my bad
Anim0rph2:     ...
BIONICLEBOY6689:     ii though iwas in DBZ
Anim0rph2:     Moron.
BIONICLEBOY6689:     Right back at ya
BIONICLEBOY6689:     at leats
BIONICLEBOY6689:     idont like a book
Anim0rph2:     leats..
Anim0rph2:     idont..
BIONICLEBOY6689:     thats about transforming kids
BIONICLEBOY6689:     whut are u a friggin ebglish techer
OnlineHost:     BIONICLEBOY6689 has left the room.
Anim0rph2:     Maybe if you learned to read at a more than first grade level you'd be able to enjoy it, idi
Anim0rph2:     EBGLISH
Anim0rph2:     *idiot..

Quote of Now #72: I feel Birdyl's tongue
9/13/2001 2:29:08 AM CDT
Anim0rph2:     And the magical snails like to strip, damnit!And the magical snails like to strip, damnit!
I Takato l:     o_o;;
Anim0rph2:     And the magical snails like to strip, damnit!
An insane cat:     LoL
I Takato l:     oh, birdyl..
An insane cat:     my momz a beach
Anim0rph2:     O_O
An insane cat:     lmao
I Takato l:     i feel birdyl's tongue.
Anim0rph2:     Bums of gold and silver.
Anim0rph2:     O_O
An insane cat:     oh baby
I Takato l:     and that's kind of sjnd so I'll stop no. x_x;
Anim0rph2:     In your crotch?
An insane cat:     HI IM PSYBAT
Anim0rph2:     Oh, poo.
I Takato l:     o-o' she pushed something off the desk.
Anim0rph2:     I wanted more Asha and Birdyl sex.
Anim0rph2:     WAS IT A DILDO, ASHA?
I Takato l:     for a minute, i forgot how to spell knock..
An insane cat:     KNOCKERS
An insane cat:     fshhh
An insane cat:     what is
An insane cat:     happenins
An insane cat:     im returning to the current time
I Takato l:     I'm at Fun?
An insane cat:     there we go.
Anim0rph2:     im at my new secret fun copy
Anim0rph2:     dnbf
An insane cat:     Fun COOPTY
I Takato l:     where is it?\
Anim0rph2:     that is badly defective
I Takato l:     x_x
Anim0rph2:     and i can't draw.
Anim0rph2:     jjh
An insane cat:     pat u ass
I Takato l:     i tried to make fun bigger :(
An insane cat:     link mmmmmmmmme
I Takato l:     pat ur ass
Anim0rph2:     which is why i need a place to put a new one.
Anim0rph2:     and my new TMS
I Takato l:     emote patick
I Takato l:     or dkjflskdjfklsjflsdkf.com
Anim0rph2:     arouse asha
I Takato l:     p_o
Anim0rph2:     o_O
I Takato l:     *o_o\
An insane cat:     My cat has a leather ass.
I Takato l:     O_O
Anim0rph2:     O_O
An insane cat:     o_O;

Quote of Now #73: I'm talking about your breasts.
9/13/2001 11:52:25 PM CDT
I StoleYourBread:     mike, what are you talking aobut?
An insane cat:     I'm talking about your breasts.
MechanicaI Bird:     o_o
I StoleYourBread:     well, i'm glad to see this conversation is getting intelligent.
An insane cat:     itz never intelligent wen stupid jon is here

Quote of Now #74: Hades Anal Goddess
9/14/2001 11:49:29 PM CDT
OnlineHost:     HadesAngelGoddes has entered the room.
JoeLightlingJoe:     O_O
HadesAngelGoddes:     ::transforms into a weasel:::
JoeLightlingJoe:     I thought that said something else..lmao.
HadesAngelGoddes:     ::makes little weasel noises::
JoeLightlingJoe:     I thought it said "HadesAnalGoddes".
HadesAngelGoddes:     I AM THE ANAL GODDESS!
Anim0rph2:     O_o;
Caracara13:     o_o;
Anim0rph2:     O_O

Quote of Now #74: I'm bored. Someone sign on.
9/16/2001 11:49:56 AM CDT
HEvangelow:     hello
Anim0rph2:     Goodbye

Quote of Now #76: i speack small english
9/16/2001 1:08:59 PM CDT
Tamira855724943:     helo
Anim0rph2:     Why are you IMing me?
Tamira855724943:     i'm french
Tamira855724943:     i am 12
Tamira855724943:     i speack small english
Blocked. o_O

Quote of Now #77: Brownie Hound
9/19/2001 10:58:43 PM CDT
Anim0rph2:     Asha?
Caracara13:     WUAT
An insane cat:     o_O;
Caracara13:     Hhhhha
Anim0rph2:     Are you aroused?
An insane cat:     BROWNIE HOUND
Caracara13:     very
Caracara13:     O_ol;
Anim0rph2:     I see.
An insane cat:     o_O'
Caracara13:     not really
Caracara13:     wait
Anim0rph2:     o_O
Caracara13:     o_o
An insane cat:     shes checking
An insane cat:     haha jk
An insane cat:     x__x;
Anim0rph2:     Lmao. x_x
Caracara13:     O_o;

Quote of Now #78: Commence Raping
9/22/2001 7:26:14 PM CDT
Anim0rph2:     RedEye?
Mujer88291:     He can be whatever you want him to be.
RedEyeDragoon111:     timmyregi ha hes had girl friends but this takes the cake someone and timmy
Anim0rph2:     We have you outnumbered three to one.
RedEyeDragoon111:     about what
EjSpazboy2000:     on the count of three, commence raping.
Mujer88291:     1
Mujer88291:     2
Anim0rph2:     2
Anim0rph2:     3
OnlineHost:     RedEyeDragoon111 has left the room.
Anim0rph2:     LMAO
Mujer88291:     O_O
Mujer88291:     YEEEEEE HAW!

Quote of Now #79: RedEye keeps cumming back. ;)
9/22/2001 7:32:19 PM CDT
OnlineHost:     RedEyeDragoon111 has entered the room.
Anim0rph2:     Damn it.
RedEyeDragoon111:     wait i gotta tell yall
Anim0rph2:     Og RedEye.
Anim0rph2:     OH babyt.
Anim0rph2:     Uhhhh
Anim0rph2:     Oh yes
Anim0rph2:     Give it to me.
Anim0rph2:     YES!
Anim0rph2:     YES!
Anim0rph2:     YES!
Anim0rph2:     Ohhhhhh!
Anim0rph2:     Oh my. I made a mess.
RedEyeDragoon111:     yall look like you fell out of ugly tree and hit every branch and some ugly stones at the bottom
Anim0rph2:     RedEye, yo8u don't know what we look like.
Anim0rph2:     And you are also a slow typer.
Anim0rph2:     *you
RedEyeDragoon111:     i can tell by the way you talk
Mujer88291:     You act like you suck tits for a living.
Mujer88291:     You are soooo good.
Anim0rph2:     No you can't RedEye.
Mujer88291:     I am very attractive.
EjSpazboy2000:     I'm a sexy bitch.
Mujer88291:     Not conceited or anything.
RedEyeDragoon111:     ok this room was funny to begin with but yall are pretty gay
OnlineHost:     RedEyeDragoon111 has left the room.
EjSpazboy2000:     indeed.
Anim0rph2:     Idiot.
Mujer88291:     ::slaps five:: He's out.
Anim0rph2:     'Ee.
EjSpazboy2000:     ::hit in the head::
EjSpazboy2000:     ow.
Mujer88291:     O_O
Mujer88291:     ::gives Evan ice::
OnlineHost:     RedEyeDragoon111 has entered the room.
EjSpazboy2000:     ::eats it::
Anim0rph2:     RedEye must like having sex with us.
Anim0rph2:     He keeps cumming back.
Anim0rph2:     ;)
Mujer88291:     He keeps coming back for more.
RedEyeDragoon111:     i only told the aol what yall are doing there comming even host's
RedEyeDragoon111:     wazzup
RedEyeDragoon111:     ha
Anim0rph2:     ...
RedEyeDragoon111:     not really
Mujer88291:     Um, RedEye.
Anim0rph2:     there comming even host's
RedEyeDragoon111:     i wouldnt let aol know freaks like you
Anim0rph2:     what the hell is that sentence supposed to be?
Mujer88291:     Do you want me to do my cheers?
RedEyeDragoon111:     r u a guy
EjSpazboy2000:     "I like sex! Go team!"
Mujer88291:     Yes, I type in pink font and I'm a guy.
Anim0rph2:     RedEye, my cousin's four-year-old son spells better than you.
OnlineHost:     RedEyeDragoon111 has left the room.
Anim0rph2:     o_O
Mujer88291:     He's coming back.
EjSpazboy2000:     I WANT A PICCY OF PATRICK
EjSpazboy2000:     o_O
Mujer88291:     Me too.
OnlineHost:     RedEyeDragoon111 has entered the room.
RedEyeDragoon111:     are all yall boys
Mujer88291:     No, I'm an alien.
EjSpazboy2000:     yes
EjSpazboy2000:     big sexy hairy boys
Anim0rph2:     Lmao.
Anim0rph2:     RedEye, are you arouseD?
Mujer88291:     Anim0rph2 and Ejspazboy are.
Anim0rph2:     You keep coming back.
Mujer88291:     I am a woman.
OnlineHost:     RedEyeDragoon111 has left the room.
EjSpazboy2000:     lmao
Mujer88291:     He's not coming back...
Mujer88291:     YAY!
Anim0rph2:     ^_^!

Quote of Now #80: I would like that.
9/29/2001 12:23:53 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     SPinEShaNKgrl has entered the room.
Anim0rph2:     oi
Anim0rph2:     No.
Anim0rph2:     Get out.
SPinEShaNKgrl:     ME??
Anim0rph2:     If you think I'm talking to anyone else, you need help.
Anim0rph2:     Oh, dear god.
Caracara13:     O-o
Anim0rph2:     GET OUT
Anim0rph2:     OR ELSE
Anim0rph2:     \ILL RAPE YOU
Anim0rph2:     AND KILL YOU
Anim0rph2:     AND RAPE YOU AGAIBN
Anim0rph2:     O_o
Caracara13:     o_O;

Quote of Now #81: Merry XXX-mas
10/2/2001 12:29:39 AM CDT
Anim0rph2:     It's christmastime (oh yeah)
JoeLightlingJoe:     o yeah
JoeLightlingJoe:     father christmads
JoeLightlingJoe:     harder
JoeLightlingJoe:     harder
JoeLightlingJoe:     o yeah
JoeLightlingJoe:     pump that fat ass of yours
JoeLightlingJoe:     o yah
Anim0rph2:     chist nads
An insane cat:     o_O
Caracara13:     O_o

Quote of Now #82: DON LAPRE SEX
10/5/2001 2:52:33 AM CDT
don Iapre:     Buy my package, and you'll get excited.
Anim0rph2:     O_O
don Iapre:     O-o;;

Quote of Now #83: 83 is a bumeater! Whug!
10/8/2001 8:31:59 PM CDT
Gamedave1:     is WHUG a ho-mo sexual phrase

Quote of Now #84: Get the fuck out.
10/9/2001 12:10:16 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     Elemental Sonic has entered the room.
Elemental Sonic:     Yo
Elemental Sonic:     This is my room now.
Elemental Sonic:     Get the Fuck out.
Elemental Sonic:     Now.
OnlineHost:     Elemental Sonic has left the room.
Caracara13:     O_o
Anim0rph2:     o_O

Quote of Now #85: I SWEAR, WE WERE ALL DRUNK
10/13/2001 8:48:44 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     Lococasanova has entered the room.
Crash8658:     ...
Lococasanova:     wassup
Crash8658:     NOTHING.
Crash8658:     We weren't doing anything.
Lococasanova:     do u come here a lot?
Crash8658:     ...WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING?
Lococasanova:     nuthin
Crash8658:     Are you calling me a prostitute?
Lococasanova:     naw
Crash8658:     I SWEAR, WE WERE ALL DRUNK!

Quote of Now #86: A big long porny one.
10/13/2001 9:07:58 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     Muhike01 has entered the room.
Anim0rph2:     ohhh.. frrf.
An insane cat:     MUHIKE?
An insane cat:     FAKE MIKE
Muhike01:     huh?
An insane cat:     YOU MUST DIE
Anim0rph2:     Yes.
Muhike01:     wounderful
An insane cat:     Wound.
Anim0rph2:     Mike is the one true Mike.
Muhike01:     I am Mike..so i am the true mike?
An insane cat:     NO.
Muhike01:     yes
An insane cat:     BEFORE WE KILL YOU, MUHIKE..
An insane cat:     WE'RE GOING TO RAPE YOU.
An insane cat:     GET THE DILDO.
Muhike01:     Oh no! not rape!
Anim0rph2:     Spongebob Squareass
An insane cat:     o muhike
An insane cat:     you have such a tasty anus
Muhike01:     Mike you should not be called Mike
An insane cat:     i am licking the rim
Muhike01:     You are not a Mike
Muhike01:     Shuddup!
An insane cat:     ohhh muhike
An insane cat:     you have such healthy looking balls
Muhike01:     Wut are youg ay?
An insane cat:     let me feel your balls
An insane cat:     ohhh
An insane cat:     so squishy
Muhike01:     no
An insane cat:     mmmm
An insane cat:     and tasty too
Muhike01:     ARe you gay?
An insane cat:     your nipples are so soft
Anim0rph2:     Oh yes, they are.
An insane cat:     and they get hard when i rub them
Muhike01:     Fuck ya'll
Anim0rph2:     Ohhh..
An insane cat:     oh yess
Anim0rph2:     Okay!
An insane cat:     he is fucking us
Anim0rph2:     Yay!
Muhike01:     Shuddup!
An insane cat:     oh muhike
Anim0rph2:     Oh, that turns me on..
Muhike01:     fags
Anim0rph2:     Say that again, muhike.
An insane cat:     your penis feels so good in my butt muhike
An insane cat:     put it in again
Anim0rph2:     Say it again, oh oh oh.
An insane cat:     oh ya
Muhike01:     Seriously..are you guys gay?
An insane cat:     baby
An insane cat:     shut up and kiss me muhike
An insane cat:     mmmmm
Muhike01:     wait of corse you are fags
Anim0rph2:     Oh, muhike.
An insane cat:     your lips are so tasty
Anim0rph2:     that misspelling turns me on so much.
Muhike01:     I dun care about miss spellin
An insane cat:     now i will put the tip of my tongue in your nostril
OnlineHost:     Muhike01 has left the room.
Anim0rph2:     I am Miss Spellin. ;D
An insane cat:     o_O;
Anim0rph2:     o_O;
An insane cat:     haw jhaw
Anim0rph2:     Now THAT is a QON.
An insane cat:     yay
Anim0rph2:     A big long porny one.

Quote of Now #87: Burd Turd
10/13/2001 9:02:59 PM CDT
Caracara13:     there's crumbly bird crap on my desk x_x;
Anim0rph2:     o_o
Anim0rph2:     how tasty, asha
Caracara13:     yes. :: licks it off ::
Caracara13:     O_o;;

Quote of Now #88: How about a FREE QON?
10/15/2001 4:42:44 AM CDT
OnlineHost:     Fugate95 has entered the room.
Fugate95:     How about some really FREE everything!?!? DUH!
Fugate95:     How about something FREE? Have you ever had that?
Fugate95:     How about some FREE sunglasses?
Fugate95:     How about some FREE information?
OnlineHost:     Fugate95 has left the room.
Caracara13:     O_o
Anim0rph2:     o_O

Quote of Now #89: Wiggle or ELSE!
10/16/2001 11:47:13 PM CDT
Caracara13:     :: puts cottonballs on her eyebrows :: LOOK, I'M THE JUICEMAN.

Quote of Now #90: Pappyland
10/17/2001 1:05:39 AM CDT
Anim0rph2:     PAPPYLAND..
Anim0rph2:     is a HAPPY place..
Anim0rph2:     Where PAPPY..
Anim0rph2:     FUCKS YOUR FACE
Caracara13:     O_O
Anim0rph2:     O_o;; ::randomly sung that::
An insane cat:     lmao

Quote of Now #91: SmarterChild is ready to help.
10/19/2001 6:30:07 AM CDT
Anim0rph2:     Hey sexy. ;) These pants sure are hard to get off.
SmarterChild:     Hello there, Anim0rph2. As you know, I'm ready to help!

Quote of Now #92: Hooked on Phonics
10/20/2001 5:04:34 PM CDT
Anim0rph2:     Twoneyame is a rapist.
Twoneyame:     MAYBE I AM
Anim0rph2:     And a dumb one at that.
Anim0rph2:     O_o
I StoleYourBread:     O_o;
Twoneyame:     ANIM GO TO HELL
Anim0rph2:     But I'm not dead..
Anim0rph2:     Ant way.
Twoneyame:     ANY*
Anim0rph2:     Were.
Twoneyame:     WHERE
Anim0rph2:     U.
Twoneyame:     YOU
Anim0rph2:     Yay.
Anim0rph2:     Twoneyame is hooked on phonics.
Twoneyame:     I DIDNT PUT THAT
Anim0rph2:     o_O
Twoneyame:     YO MAMA

Quote of Now #93: Fun Fact
10/22/2001 1:46:27 PM CDT
Caracara13:     "Fun fact: I have no pants on right now."

Quote of Now #94: Arf Arf
10/23/2001 11:13:41 PM CDT
M311down:     is rpg what i think it is
Anim0rph2:     o_O
Anim0rph2:     What do you think it is?
OnlineHost:     Caracara13 has entered the room.
M311down:     arf arf
Anim0rph2:     Belcome Wack, Asha.. o_O
An insane cat:     RPG MEANS RAPE and POKE GRANDMA
MimiDigiLillymon:     WB.
MimiDigiLillymon:     lol
Anim0rph2:     You think it is arf arf?
An insane cat:     wwlceom ack
Caracara13:     thkanx
Caracara13:     s
M311down:     role playing games
Anim0rph2:     Kanks.
An insane cat:     s
Anim0rph2:    No, it is not what you think it is.
M311down:     what is it
Anim0rph2:     Raping PRetty Guys/Girls
M311down:     no its not
Caracara13:     Really Pretty Guys..
Anim0rph2:     Oh, baby, you look sexy..
MimiDigiLillymon:     x_x Prittie boys.
Anim0rph2:     ::stripz::
M311down:     r u guys gay
MimiDigiLillymon:     "Go away! You're prettier than me! I hate you!"
An insane cat:     Pantyhose Taro.
Anim0rph2:     Yes, the u guys are gay.
Anim0rph2:     But that is beside the point.
Anim0rph2:     Come here, baby.
Anim0rph2:     Oh yes.
Anim0rph2:     Uhhh.
Caracara13:     Britney Spears: I'm a slave for U.
M311down:     what is wrong with u fags
M311down:     i'll second that
Anim0rph2:     o_O
Anim0rph2:     You're seconding yourself?
M311down:     o0o0o0o0oo000o0o00o
Anim0rph2:     O_o
Anim0rph2:     Uhm..
OnlineHost:     M311down has left the room.
Anim0rph2:     Well, then.
Caracara13:     Well..
Caracara13:     JDGF
An insane cat:     http://www.aaanime.net/ranma/chars/tarou.jpg
Anim0rph2:     HAHA
Anim0rph2:     AND I READ HER MIND
Caracara13:     {S naked2
Caracara13:     x_X
Anim0rph2:     {s naked2
Anim0rph2:     ::wiggles::

Quote of Now #95: Abnormal Penis Growth
10/23/2001 11:21:22 PM CDT
OnlineHost:     SuesserBoymitCam has entered the room.
Anim0rph2:     poot
SuesserBoymitCam:     Click FOR PENIS GROWTH! {S ygp}
SuesserBoymitCam:     Click FOR PENIS GROWTH! {S ygp}
Anim0rph2:     o_O
SuesserBoymitCam:     Click FOR PENIS GROWTH! {S ygp}
SuesserBoymitCam:     Click FOR PENIS GROWTH! {S ygp}
OnlineHost:     SuesserBoymitCam has left the room.
Anim0rph2:     Where will this penis grow?
Anim0rph2:     On your forehead?
An insane cat:     o_O;
An insane cat:     Abnormal penis growth.
Caracara13:     Haha..
MimiDigiLillymon:     Whatever happened to the Oblongs?
MimiDigiLillymon:     The girl with the penis on her head.
An insane cat:     That was a good show.

Quote of Now #96: I'm a mantid. Aren't you?
10/30/2001 8:28:35 PM CST
XxKevyWevyxX:     OMG you guys are like s ostupid i cant explain it

Quote of Now #97: hi hows it going doodoo. ;}
10/30/2001 11:38:12 PM CST
KrazyxExrotic:     hi hows it going dudu?:-\
KrazyxExrotic:     i'm scared.....;-)
KrazyxExrotic:     =-Ohello i'm waiting for my instant death........
KrazyxExrotic:     >:okill me kill me kill me kill meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=-O
KrazyxExrotic:     thats what i thought all talk bullshit!!!
Anim0rph2:     o_O
KrazyxExrotic:     lata!
Anim0rph2:     What the hell?
KrazyxExrotic:     da fuck????????????
KrazyxExrotic:     what the hell?

Quote of Now #98: CaPS LoCk TROUble.
10/31/2001 10:42:02 PM CST
Callie SK:     HI, do you RUN an ani RPG?
Anim0rph2:     HI, do you HAVE a problem with your CAPS LOCK?
Callie SK:     No. But thank you.

Quote of Now #99: Bigfoot Lovin'
11/1/2001 6:23:57 PM CST
Die inWonderland:     o_O;;
Die inWonderland:     That was the most unexpected thing I've ever heard.

Quote of Now #100: O_o o_O
11/3/2001 5:49:29 PM CST
Anim0rph2:     O_o
Die inWonderland:     o_O
Caracara13:     O_o
Anim0rph2:     o_O
Die inWonderland:     O_o

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