by Patrick

      My mind wanders from subject to subject, to nothing in perticular, to memories that never happened, and I slowly sink into sleep.
      I awake, in the nake. I'm sorry, that's fake. I get up and I still dream, and that's all that I do. Nothing accomplished, but nothing damaged. Life continues, clinging to normalcy.
      Electronic bliss, the monitor I kiss, I falsified that, sorry, I'll stop. I look out the window and see nothing. The window is blocked, that's probably why.
      But through the blocked window, I hear a small sound. It reminds me of memories when friends were around. I wonder and think, and forget the real goal, just swimming in thought, with nothing to hold. The memories wash themselves away.
      I sit and I shiver, my thoughts never clearer, I sit and I shake, but my mind will not wake.
      I know that I'm here. I am, I am. But what does that mean, really. In body I'm here, in though I am there. There I am. There I am.

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