by Patrick

A universal, a meaning without.
Also: a feeling; you sit and you pout.
In all situations, and when mediocracy reigns
People use this word to call out the name

A blank, a hole, a filler, a lull
All of these mean the same thing as dull.
But within the meaning of this word that's without
The oxymoron that is itself a great spout.

Silliness and fun; any word, but just one.
In all situations lies its application.
This single syllable can be used for all kinds
And maybe, for all time.

This word seems be
The definition of me.
I chose it before, quite a long
time ago, and in its song
I look at it and admire
the music, the desire

All of this comes from nothing at all
But that is really the point all along
From nothing comes thought, and great flowing word
Anything can be used, though possibly absurd.

In this, I rest.
I gape into the maw.
And all the time I think.
Blah, blah, blah.

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