by Patrick

The world, in a word, is a big contradiction
Nothing is true except the pure fiction
The intangible is felt
The inanimate's soul
We can't help but overfill the bottomless hole.

After all we hate, and we love doing it.
You have to remember to never generalize.
Nothing is true, and yet everything is.
Why? Why not?

Fuck you, you asshole. I want to tear your guts out.
I hate you with such unwavering dedication,
more than words or actions could ever show.

I love you, I sympathize. I want to help you feel better.
I want to mend the wounds, and to have us be happy.
What a cruel trick God has played on us.
We see the opposites of the truth in the truth itself.
We're stuck here forever, and there is no more help.
God left us up the river, without the proverbial paddle.

I hate you for making me love you.
All is choas. And all is order.
And all of this might just be a personality disorder.

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