by Patrick

Ease of feeling
Mind revealing
The relaxtion
Leads to revelation
I'm happy
How sappy
What was this feeling supposed to be?
It doesn't seem right to me
This isn't all it was cracked up to be
Although, if you want, it can be much more than you see.

The warmth and light
I revel in delight
To glow in it
And it seems to fit
That this is not what I expected
I try to compare
To what isn't there
I wonder why
But soon do not try
It will come sooner if not retrospected.

What to do with it?
What would seem fit?
Shall I use it properly?
Naw, I don't give a shit.
I just want to feel.
What can barely be real.
Why not stop and see?
That I'm not just a wheel.

And as I lie dreaming
It is just now seeming
That this can last if I want
But then what would I need?
I would be fulfilled
Never to build
Peak to peak, valley filled.
With no lull, what would I heed?

I awake the next day
And I just sit and lay
Wounded unseen
What could have been
But begins a new drive
I feel so alive
Happiness is nothing
If not for defeat.

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