by Patrick

Searching for meaning
For anything to do
There has to be something

Sitting here, fidgeting
Staring at the wall
Blankly, with consternation

Why is this here?
Where did it come from?
When the hell is it going away?

I try to concentrate
Think of some activity at all
Nothing comes up, I draw a blank

Go through the motions
They stir no emotion
Where are the things that bring meaning?

Surely they're there
I remember them, just yesterday
What are they hiding from?

Attempt to take action
With flair, pick something up
And try to do it without thought

But at the first touch
I find that I stall
How did it sneak up on me so quickly?

Try again and again, but I fail every time
Please can someone bring reason to my rhyme?
Will this go on forever, am I losing my mind?

Sit down, in resignation
Stare blankly ahead
Close my eyes to sleep
And then, quietly, it comes

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